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Phillip Fox: "The Kid" is growing up in the ring.

It's been a long time since the Mountain State had a promising young boxer with professional pedigree.

Just months ago Fox turned 20 and has already shown top level potential.

When Phillip Fox first stepped into a boxing ring one of the most surprised people in the crowd was his father Billy. It's probably because Phillip's a good kid that's never been in trouble or even been in a fight before that night. "The Kid", as he's known now, was impressive early on and has grown into what might be the biggest WV boxing prospect in decades. He's a natural, he's young with time to develop, and he's got a great support group. He's coached by former pro fighter Tucker Lambert in Oceana, WV. His father Billy, who said "I didn't even know Phillip could fight", just happens to be retired now but was 20-3 as a professional boxer.

Phillip Fox steps back in the ring on May 4 in Oak Hill, WV vs. Jacob Stanton.

The Next Test

This Saturday night, May 4, Fox returns to the ring to take on Jacob Stanton of Newark, OH. The fight takes place at the Red Devil Rumble at Oak Hill High School and is promoted by Steve Neal and his Signal 12 Gym. This will be one of the biggest tests that Fox has endured. Stanton provides a tough, relentless, and aggressive style that could give the younger Fox some trouble. Amateur boxing is all about gaining experience and improving your skill set. Fox hasn't won all of his fights, but he will fight anybody. Like this fight "The Kid" usually gives up size, age, and experience... but not talent.

Everybody is chasing the Fox

Tucker Lambert who is highly respected as a former pro fighter and coach has been with Fox since the beginning. Lambert has promoted "The Kid" a few times already with great success. Keith Noe and New Line Cage Fighting allowed Fox to burst on the scene with some great events early in his career near his hometown. Fox has participated in boxing events for many promoters throughout West Virginia already in his short career including former World Kickboxing Champion Mike Sheppard. Phillip's father Billy was promoted by Jerry Thomas the owner of The Toughman Contest and current licensed promoter of the Rough N' Rowdy. He has fought for Chill Sports several times in both state sanctioned and USA Boxing events. "The Kid" has plenty of time and has a great family. Fox should be in no rush to fight professionally, but someday we know he will and we're sure he will be ready. When that day comes there will be a frenzy to sign the biggest prospect in WV, and you can bet your last dollar that Chill Sports will be in the mix.

For more information on tickets or pay-per-view for Phillip Fox's next bout vs. Jacob Stanton at the Red Devil Rumble please check out or call/text Steve Neal at 304-640-1515.

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