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Daquon Could Be The One.

Nobody has ever won an ABA belt AND a King of the Mountain State belt.

Daquon McNeil has never gotten the respect and recognition he deserves, until now. The 28-year-old out of Charleston, WV is one of the best amateur fighters in the region that nobody is talking about. He has more fights and more wins against tough competition than almost anyone on our circuit. Just 9 days ago it all came to fruition when he defeated the talented Trevor Bell in Madison, WV and became the ABA Welterweight Amateur Champion. The Appalachian Boxing Association covers 8 states and is a respected title that is very difficult to obtain. Now he's got a chance to do something that no other fighter has ever done. He has been selected to the invitation only 2023 King of the Mountain State tournament. This annual tournament that brings in the best fighters in the region begins October 7 in Beckley, WV. Nobody has ever won both the ABA and KOTMS belts. Daquon now has a shot at it.

Daquon McNeil pictured above on August 19, 2023 after winning the ABA Welterweight Title.

The First to Ever do it.

To win the King of the Mountain State Tournament it takes 3 wins. The best fighters in the state of WV and surrounding area are invited to the tournament through the elusive Golden Ticket. This year's class at lightweight is loaded top to bottom and most of the competitors have been preparing for this event for months. It won't be an easy task but on paper Daquon should be considered one of the favorites. Winning the King of the Mountain State, along with his ABA belt, puts him in a league of his own.

First Step Towards the ABA Hall of Fame

Each year the ABA produces a ballot of former ABA champions and the 5 member ABA commission votes and selects an ABA Hall of Fame inductee. In 2023 that guy was "Lightning" Mike Sheppard who won the ABA Heavyweight Professional Title along with 5 world kickboxing titles in his career. If Daquon is able to become the first to ever win the ABA and KOTMS belts, he could be well on his way to someday being an ABA Hall of Fame member himself.

Tickets for Daquon's next fight at Round one of the King of the Mountain State Tournament are available here on our website

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