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The Maturation of Matt Crist

Power lifter, Showman, Boxer, Fire breather... The Ringmaster.

Lets take a look at the ongoing process of building the region's #1 heavyweight prospect.

He wears a top hat to the ring and breathes fire. His vintage circus trunks and throwback mustache are all part of Matt Crist's character "The Ringmaster". It must be understood that this isn't a character, this is who Matt Crist is. His unique showmanship and style produces some of the best pre-fight videos and ring walks that we have seen. His fighting style and knockouts (2-0 2ko) are as entertaining as his nostalgic showmanship. The one thing most important about Crist's development takes place behind closed doors. The Ringmaster who trains with Coach Justin Novaria at VO2 Fitness is improving. He's significantly improving and he's doing it quickly.

"The Ringmaster" Matt Crist pictured above on 10/7/23 in Beckley, WV with Spencer Abel.

Crist improved to 2-0 (2KO) at Round 1 of the 2023 King of the Mountain State.

Raw Talent meets Incredible Coaching

Crist grew up with a love for combat sports and participated in fighting as a youth. Boxing wasn't one of them but would prove later on to be the right fit. After giving up combat sports as a young man, Crist began to develop as a power lifter. At 6'4" and as big as 280lbs he was able to reach all his goals as a power lifter. His love of combat sports remained after power lifting was over and boxing would soon become his new love. With the encouragement of his wife, Erika, he decided to go for it.

The random chance that Matt Crist would go to a gym to learn to box and that the coach would be Justin "Teddy Bear" Novaria will someday prove to be the difference in Matt Crist's boxing career. With over 200 fights himself during his lifetime, Novaria is one of the most respected, experienced, and knowledgeable coach's in the region. The two have formed a close bond and the results of their training are evident. Over the past two years, Crist has went through a complete overhaul in physique. He's now long and leaner, built more like a boxer than a power lifter. The boxing skills and cardio just weren't there in the beginning, but they are now. With only a handful of amateur fights before turning professional, it's amazing to see what Novaria has created in a short period of time. It's important to note that no one, NO ONE out works Matt Crist. He has put in the work and is one of the most dedicated fighters we have seen in our 12 years in the industry. His raw talent, his work ethic, his freakish physical tools under the direction of Teddy Bear, is a recipe for big time success.

Moving Forward

"The Ringmaster" has improved to 2-0 (2ko) with his most recent win in Beckley, WV on 10-7-23. He looks to make it 3-0 on December 2 as part of the King of the Mountain State Round 2 event. His coach and team are pleased with his quick and drastic maturation as a boxer. Crist will need to continue to improve as his opposition will get tougher as he moves through the professional rankings. He's a tall, strong, athletic, tough, coachable, entertaining, intelligent fighter, and he's on a mission. The one thing we know about Matt Crist is at any point in his life that he sets a goal, he doesn't quit until he reaches it.

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